Tuesday, September 22, 2015

deadlines for BTech Project

The following deadlines are to be adhered wrt the BTech project,

  • Submission of Abstract (signed by your supervisor) - 30th September, 2015. This should contain the name of the group members, name of the supervisor and topic of the project.
  • Submission of Progress Report1 - 14th Oct, 2015
  • Submission of Progress Report2 - 30th Oct, 2015
  • Internal evaluation - between 16th - 20th Nov, 2015 (This shall be done by a panel of three faculty, including your supervisor)
  • Final submission of the Report - 27th Nov, 2015
In addition to the above, every student has to maintain a DIARY where the work which has been carried-out everyday shall be entered. This needs to be signed by the student on a daily basis and counter signed by the faculty, once a week.

All the above shall be mandatory for the evaluation of the BTech project. In addition to all these, there shall be a final external evaluation of the project, after the end term examination.

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