Thursday, January 30, 2014

CESSU volunteers

Civil engineering society of Sharda university (CESSU) would like to invite students from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year to volunteer and participate in the various events of CESSU.

Certificate and special benefits would be given to every member of CESSU. 

Those who are interested may come to room no. 204, Set 2, today at 4 pm

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Re-exam of odd term 2013

As per the ordinance, re-exam of the odd term (aug-dec'13) has been scheduled. You may access the notice from this link.

Forms for improvement examinations are available in the exam cell. They can fill it by January 31, 2014.

Conditions for the eligibility etc are given in the notice.

Monday, January 27, 2014

UFM cases meeting

The meeting of CUM, for deciding the cases of UFM (Major and Minor) in
the odd Term Examinations, is being scheduled on Jan 30, 2014 at 11:30
am in the office of the COE.

Following students have to report for the meeting.

1) Shubham Verma  2012004140  120107221
2)Akshay Sharma    2011000456   110107026

1) Vishwajeet Singh 2012011255  120106283
2)Rajan Sharwan   2012011613   120107185


2010000629  Briddhi Chandra Giri  100106803

2010000318 Ankit Raghuvanshi 100106061

2010001779  Gabriel Toby  110121040

2010001164  Nikhil  100107136


2011001203  Ravi Tiwari  110106218

2011000866  Kumar Pratik  110106119

2009001140  Shubhendra Varshney  090107139

2011000624  Bhaskar Kumar Chaudhary  110122011

2011001032  Nedem Ahmed  110122032

2011000333  Akhil Dhaka  110107025

2011001595  Vaibhav Guliyan  110107210

2011001121  Pavan Kumar Varshney  110107132

1)      Akhilesh Kumar Singh 10SETCIVL115(2010000361) 100107018
2)      Mayank Bhardwaj        10SETCIVL182(2010001019) 100107108
3)      JIbran Naveed              10SETCSE288(2010000859) 100101099
4)      Vempati Anvesh           10SETCSE343(2010002472) 100101260
5)      Ankit Anand                 10SETECE251(2010000452) 100103047

1)        Henery Gani 10SETIT231(2010000748)    100102032

Fluid Mechanics Lab Manual

MODS lab manual for Exp 1 & Exp 2

The MODS manual for Experiment 1 i.e tensile strength of mild steel and Experiment 2 i.e impact strength of mild steel by Izod method can be uploaded from below link.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

maths class of wednesday 2nd period in sec-c

The maths class of 2nd period wednesday in sec-c has now been shifted to thursday 6th period (13:20-14:15)

clarifications regarding term paper

The co-ordinators have administrative responsibilities, unless they are also teaching in the section. In that case they shall also be mentor/ guide for a maximum of 10-12 students.
The co-ord would help the students in selecting topic, guide etc and make sure that all the students under him have been allotted a topic and a guide.

First 30 means first half of the class. if there are 56 students in the class, one co-ord would look after the first 28 students and other the rest.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lecture notes for Estimating and Costing (CVL 215)

Lecture notes and other instruction material can be found at the following link (Look into folder named 'Quantity Surveying'):

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New TT wef 20th Jan

The new TT wef 20th Jan, 2014 can be accessed from this link.

Term Paper

The fourth term students have a course called as "term paper" You have undergone the process in the last term as well. You are aware that what needs to be done. However, I am again elaborating the procedure with approximate dates,

  1. Select a broad subject area of your interest from the courses that are available to you in the current term
  2. Select of Supervisor from the faculty teaching in your section: 20-24 Jan
  3. Submit the topic and the supervisor name to the section co-ordinator. If this is not done within the specified time, on or before the last date, a penalty of -10 marks shall be imposed. 
  4. You shall be given three weeks time to source material on the selected topic, understand the topic and submit a synopsis. This needs to be done by Feb 16, 2014. If the synopsis is not submitted, you loose another 10 marks.
  5. Get the same approved by your supervisor and get his signature on the synopsis. Keep a copy with you and submit another copy to the supervisor
  6. You will get another two weeks to submit the rough draft of the report. This needs to be submitted by March 2, 2014. If you fail to submit the draft report, you loose another 20 marks
  7. The report shall be evaluated by your supervisor and shall be returned back with the comments, within next two weeks (maximum), say by March 23rd.
  8. You are supposed to submit the final draft of the report within a week's time of getting back the evaluated report. This should be done by March 30th. If this is not submitted, you loose 20 more marks.
  9. Prepare a presentation on your topic and present the same to the panel of examiners (supervisor and another faculty member) in the April 7 - April 13 week. The date shall be informed to you by the supervisor. If the presentation is not done on the date specified date, you stand to loose another 10 marks.
Sec-A: Prashant (first 30 students) and Prabhas (next 30 students)
Sec-B: Chhavi (first 30 students) and Navin (next 30 students)
Sec-C: Gurman (first 30 students) and Tarique (next 30 students)
Sec-D: Ashish (first 30 students) and Sarmistha (next 30 students)

Thursday, January 16, 2014