Wednesday, October 29, 2014



Department of Civil Engineering is organizing a one-day workshop on Structure Analysis and Design Software. The workshop is a rare opportunity to train you by professionals from reputed Civil Engineering Firms.
This will include the software’s mentioned below:
TIME:10AM, 8-11-2014


Registration Fee: RS 500 per head.
For more details, Contact:,8860273850
Note:    1. Students need to bring their own laptops.
             2.For M.Tech ,B.Tech III,IV YEAR only.
             3. Limited Seats (first 30 students will be selected for the  workshop)
             4.Last date of registration :7-11-2014.
             5. For registration,students should email  their name ,year , section,mobile number   and email id to  .(eg RAHUL

Two Days Field Training Programme by UltraTech Cement

Ultratech Cement Ltd is going to orgainse Two Days Field Training Programme on 11th and 12th Nov, 2014. The area of operation shall be Ghaziabad and its surrounding markets.

Interested students are adviced to submit their nominations by 2nd Nov, 2014 by 04:00pm. The nominations can be filled through the below form.


There shall be a fee of Rs. 500/- for participating in the event.

The participants must have their vehicle for the market movement. Running cost of their vehicle shall be re-imbursed by the company at the prescribed local conveyance norms of the company.

Performers shall be rewarded based upon their merits.

LAST DATE: 2nd Nov, 2014, 04:00pm

Maximum number of participants: 30

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

FM (backlog) & FH (backlog) NOTICE

There is a change in the faculty for FM (backlog) and FH (backlog).
Students are required to contact  the below mentioned faculty for their CA.
  1. Mrs Pinaki for FH (Backlog)
  2. Ms Aparna for FM (Backlog)

Monday, October 27, 2014

students did not fill their ete form

Following are the students who have not filled their ETE form. You are adviced to contact your mentor for the same, if you have got yourself registered in 3rd year for the odd term.

SNo Roll No Rool no (Registratried) System ID Name
1 120107060 120107060 ‭2012017107‬ Ayush Kedia (Not Found)
2   #N/A   Biniga Jacques (Not Found)
3 120107132 120107132 ‭2012015938‬ Md Mehboob Hashmi (Not Found)
4 120107141 120107141 ‭2012015128‬ Mohammad Ubaid Jan (Not Found)
5 120107145 120107145 ‭2012017633‬ Mohd Kashif (Not Found)
6 120107005 120107005 ‭2012000600‬ Abdul Seikh (Not Found)
7 120107007 120107007 ‭2012015175‬ Abhisek Singh ( Not Found)
8 120107008 120107008 ‭2012002916‬ Abhishek Kumar ( Not Found)
9 120107009 120107009 ‭2012013999‬ Abhishek Kumar ( Not Found)
10 120107011 120107011 ‭2012004541‬ Abhishek Sahu ( Not Found)
11 120107015 120107015 ‭2012018153‬ Abrar Ahmad Dar ( Not Found)
12 120107021 120107021 ‭2012005638‬ Aditya Sangwan ( Not Found)
13 120107129 120107129 ‭2012000060‬ Manish Giri ( Not Found)
14   #N/A 2013011442 Mr Raghav Manan ( Not Found)
15   #N/A 2013011665 Mr Rahul Kumar ( Not Found)
16   #N/A 2013011666 Mr Abhay Singh ( Not Found)
17   #N/A 2013011833 Mr Vishwajeet Kumar ( Not Found)
18   #N/A   Karma Wangdi ( Not Found)
19   #N/A   Kezang Rinchen ( Not Found)
20 120107235 #N/A ‭2012005655‬ Sunil Kumar ( Not Found)
21 120107237 #N/A ‭2012017618‬ suyash sharma  ( Not Found)
22 120107042 120107042 ‭2012015679‬ Ankur Premi  ( Not Found)
23 120107044 120107044 ‭2012012114‬ Ankush Kumar  ( Not Found)
24 120107092 120107092 ‭2012001270‬ Harjinder Singh  ( Not Found)
25 120107095 120107095 ‭2012018208‬ Hilal Ahmad Magray  ( Not Found)
26 120107101 120107101 ‭2012015627‬ Ishant Yadav  ( Not Found)
27 120107172 #N/A ‭2012016564‬ NZANZU HERVE  ( Not Found)
28 120107221 120107221 ‭2012004140‬ Shubham Verma  ( Not Found)
29   #N/A 2013001147 Mr Tashi Penden  ( Not Found)
30 130107813 130107813 2013016077 Srikant Tripathi  ( Not Found)
31 120107124 120107124 ‭2012013563‬ Lantham Leishemba  ( Not Found)
32 120107252 #N/A ‭2012017278‬ Vaibhav Singh  ( Not Found)
33 120107256 120107256 ‭2012009836‬ Vivek Rajan  ( Not Found)
34   #N/A   Sougata Mondal  ( Not Found)
35   #N/A   Utkarsh Mehta  ( Not Found)
36   #N/A   Gaurav Kr Pandey  ( Not Found)

Educational tour to Dubai

We are proposing a self-sponsored educational tour to Dubai for the students of final year, third year and second year Civil Engg students. This is planned for the first week of January, 2015.

The objective of the tour shall be to visit and study some of the landmark structures in Dubai and surrounding areas. Since the region has constructed some really high rise buildings and land mark structures, it is an appropriate place to study them. We shall also try to visit some of the existing high rise construction sites and shall try to study, how they are built and what are the specific needs for such a building.

The trip is planned for seven days, out of which two shall be travel days.

The itinerary shall be shared with you in a couple of weeks.

A maximum of 30 students shall be visiting and preference shall be given to the final year students, then to the third year and if the seats are vacant, then to the second year students.

The approximate expense for the trip shall be around Rs. 48,000/-, (We are negotiating this with the travel agent) which shall include air travel, local conveyance, stay and meals (breakfast, working lunch and dinner), visa fees.

Those who are interested in going for the trip are adviced to book their place with the cessu office by paying Rs. 10,000/- as advance (in cash) and a copy of their passport. This amount shall be adjusted towards your final cost of the trip. Those who are not selected, shall get a full refund of the amount.

For any clarification, you can meet me.

OB notes of Ms Swati and Ashoo

Students can access the notes of OB of Ms. Swati from the below link,

Click here to view Section 3A

and for the notes of Mr. Ashoo Gupta, use the below link