Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Term Lab Exams on 31st July, 2014

The ETE of the following lab shall be conducted on 31st July, 2014. The internal examiner for the lab shall be Pinaki Nayak. You may contact her for more details.

3421CVL 051Geoinformatics LabCE
3381CVL 351Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics LabCE
3382CVL 352Structural Analysis LabCE
3402CVL 452Fluvial Hydraulics LabCE
3403CVL 453Technical SeminarCE
3404CVL 454ProjectCE
15065CVP 210Surveying LabCE
15066CVP 211Soil Mechanics LabCE
15031CVP 654Environmental Engineering LabM. Tech.-CE (Environmental Engg.)

The students are adviced to meet the internal examiner on or before the date to seek any clarification.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

It is inform 2nd year student that Soil Mechanics class will be held as per time table for this week. [21-25 July]
Prashant mukherjee
deptt. of civil engg

It is to inform all students appearing for summer term 2014, that you verify your enrollment in people soft for those subjects which you have selected for summer term. If any problem then contact to department immediately. 
Prashant mukherjee

deptt. of civil engg.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It is to inform all students related to Soil Mechanics , that your class test is schedule from 12.25 pm to 1.20 pm on 18 july 2014 in same class room and the test related to BMC is schedule from 2.15 pm to 3.10pm.Inform this message to other also
prashant mukherjee
deptt. of civil engg

Friday, July 11, 2014

Class Test on CVL206/CVL307 Building Materials & Construction.

Class Test on Building Materials & Construction, covering  Unit-D and Unit-E of the syllabus shall be held on 18th July, 2014 from 12:25 Hrs. to 13:20 Hrs..

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Final list of students registered in summer term

The final list of students, registered in summer term, which we have received from the exam cell has been put up on the departmental notice board.

You are advised to check the same and contact the exam cell in case of any discrepancy. The admit card shall be issued based upon this list only.

Engineering Hydrology/Hydrology MTE Score - For comments on your score meet me before 9:00 AM by 11th July.


Your MTE Grade:

Roll Nr. MTE (20)
120107108 17
90107086 13
120107124 14
130107809 10

See me at my office (SET II, Room 203) before 9:00 AM by 11th July, 2014.

Good Luck.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hydrology Assignment 3 and Test on July 10, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Dear Students:

Questions of assignment 3 is below. Due date is July 14.

Prepare for a test on July 10, 2014. We will meet at my office SET II- Room Nr. 203 at 2:00 PM. The Topics of the quiz will be related to the topics of Assignment 2 and Assignment 3.


Answer any two…… 2*5
  1. Differentiate between Transportation and Evaporation. Mention different methods of measurement of transportation.
  2. Identify and explain each in 5 sentences the different forms of initial loss.
  3. Explain the use of different infiltration indices.
Numerical Question….. (2*7.5)
  1. An isolated 3-h storm occurred over a basin in the following fashion:
Estimate the Runoff from the catchment due to strom.
  1. The stage-discharge data of a river are given below. Establish a stage-discharge relationship to predict the stage for a known discharge. Assume the stage value for zero discharge as 20.50m. Determine the stage of the river corresponding to a discharge of 2600m3/s.