Friday, February 27, 2015


GATE- class on 28/02/2015 (  saturday )


Syllabus of soil mechanics for backlog up to mid term

Unit I: Introduction
Concept of soil,Definition and meaning of soil mechanics, History of soil mechanics
Scope of soil mechanics, Soil formation
Unit II: Weight And Volume Relationship Of Soil
Definition of soil mass, Components of soil mass, Phase diagram of soil mass and its
labeling, Weight and volume of soil with usual notation, Dry soil and wet soil
Void ratio, Porosity and their relations, Types of water in soil, Bulk density,
saturated, submerged and dry density, Difference between adsorbed water and
absorbed water in soil, Saturated, partly saturated and dry soil
Unit III: Classification Of Soil
Definition of Coarse and fine grained soil, Homogeneity, Consistency, Cohesiveness,
Toughness, Shear strength, Compressibility, Difference between coarse and fine
grained soil, Two methods of soil classification, Grain size classification of soil as per
I.S.I and classification of soil using plasticity chart, Sieve analysis and Stoke’s law,
Sedimentation analysis of soil, Particle size - Distribution curve on semi log scale,
States of consistency and its diagram, Consistency limits- Liquid limit, plastic limit,
shrinkage limit and plasticity index (P.I), Laboratory methods to find out these limits,
Field identification tests
Unit IV: Permeability
Definition and understanding of permeability, Different types of soil and permeability,
Laminar and turbulent flow, Importance of permeability, Darcy’s Law
Coefficient of permeability and its determination in laboratory, Factors affecting
permeability, Confined and unconfined aquifer, Dupit’s Formula, Field determination
of permeability by pumping out and pumping in test, Concepts meaning of seepage,
Effects of seepage, Flow lines and flow net diagram (only understanding)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Important Message for all

All classes are being held as scheduled.  Students not attending classes will be marked absent.

If no student turns up in the class, all students shall be marked as absent, and the topic planned for the lecture shall be considered as complete. The faculty shall proceed to the next topic in the next class.

Visit to Indira Paryavaran Bhawan

Visit to Indira Paryavaran Bhawan

All the third year students are informed that a visit has been scheduled  on 26th feb'15 to Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, India’s first on site net zero building which has its own solar power plant, sewage treatment facility, and geothermal heat exchange system. 

A total of 30 students will be taken for the trip  and the registration charges are Rs. 100 for CESSU members and Rs. 150 for non-members. Last date for registration is 25 feb'15. So, Interested students can register themselves at cessu cabin.

**A report has to be prepared by each student regarding the visit to Indira pariyavaran bhawan, based on which the student with best report will be awarded with cash prize and goodies.
**certificates will be provided to all the registered students for the trip.

For more details, contact:

Abhinav Agarwal: 8826070300

Sachin Singh: 8285569816