Friday, August 3, 2012

Time Table

You may access the TT by clicking on the following link,


Welcome new students

I, on behalf of Sharda University and the School of Engineering and Technology, welcome you all to the Department of Civil Engineering. I am your Head of the Department and you shall be interacting with me for most of your queries/ problems. You are welcome to my room to meet me anytime between 0830am-0430pm. After office hours you may send me an email and expect the reply within 24hrs.

Although there shall be only one course (Geo-Science) which shall be taught by the Civil Engg faculty (Gurman and Chhavi), you can interact with any faculty of the Civil Engineering department.

At present there are 20 faculty in the department and most of them are engaged in teaching the students of IInd year onwards.

Shortly, I will upload the mentor list who shall be taking care of you for the semester.

Once again I welcome you all and all the best for your journey ahead.