Tuesday, May 31, 2016

change of supervisor for the summer project

The below students are herby informed that their supervisors have been changed. You are advised to contact the new supervisor immediately, by visiting them, in person.

System Id
Roll no
Old Supervisor
New Supervisor
Use of Natural Fiber in concrete
Use of Recycled aggregates in Concrete
Green Building
Seismic Isolation Devices

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Status of Summer Project

The below link shows the status of summer project students attendance/ reporting to their concerned/ allotted supervisor.

Status of Summer Project

The notice for the same was posted on the blog, notice board on 19th May that the students have to report and the project shall start from 20th May. Even after 10 days, 9 out of 23 have not reported.

Those who have not yet reported shall not be allowed to appear in the summer term examination.

Friday, May 20, 2016

guidelines for the summer project

Below are some of the guidelines which may be followed for the summer project.

Start Date: May 20th, 2016
Date of mid evaluation of the work: 6th June, 2016 (by the supervisor, to be evaluated out of 40 marks)
Date of final submission of Report: 15th June (to be evaluated by the supervisor out of 20 marks)
Date of final Presentation and Viva: 18th June, 2016 (to be evaluated by the panel out of 40 marks)


  • ·         Students have to perform a 100hrs project
  • ·         Daily diary is to be maintained for logging the work
  • ·         The diary needs to be signed by the guide on a daily basis
  • ·         The diary shall also be submitted alongwith the report
  • ·         The report shall be a hard copy, spiral bound, typed with figures, tables, references etc
  • ·         Mid evaluation of the work shall be done by the guide and marks awarded for the same.
  • ·         Need to score minimum 60% marks to be eligible for summer term exam

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer project for 4th year students debarred in Odd Term 2015-16

Below are the list of 4th year students debarred in odd term for whom the summer project supervisors have been allocated. You are advised to contact your supervisor ASAP so that you can start the project and submit the same by 15th June for its evaluation.

You have to complete a 100 hours project

For more details, contact the concerned supervisor.

4th year students debarred in Odd Term 2015-16
S.No System ID Roll No  Student Name  Programme Supervisor
1 2012006598 120107093 Harshit Singh,Shishodia B Tech Civil Sarmistha
2 2012015128 120107141 Mohammad Ubaid,Jan B Tech Civil Wasim
3 2013016077 130107813 Srikant,Tripathi B Tech Civil Pinaki
4 2012000050 120107107 Jharna,Rai B Tech Civil Chhavi
5 2012004140 120107221 Shubham,Verma B Tech Civil Prabhas 

Notice for summer project to Sahil Bharti

Dear Sahil, your summer project is under me , so you come and contact me as soon as possible because I am on leave from 1st week of June.

Dr. Prashant Mukherjee

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Summer Project faculty allocation

Department of Civil Engineering
Students Eligible for Summer Term Project during June-July 2016

1st year students debarred in Odd Term 2015-16
S.No. System ID Roll no. Student's Name Prog. /Branch Department
1 2015017522 150107112 Mr Ajay Mandal B.Tech/Civil EEE
2 2015015332 150107028 Faizy Khan B.Tech/Civil EEE
3 2015017588 150107113 Mr Marli Ete B.Tech/Civil EEE
4 2015013065 150107072 Mr Nishat Zafar B.Tech/Civil ME
5 2015004760 150107066 Mr Mukul Bhardwaj B.Tech/Civil ME

1st year students debarred in Even Term 2015-16
S.No. System ID Roll No Students Name Course Department
7 2015015332 150107028 Faizy Khan B.Tech - CE - A EEE
8 2015002399 150107037 Mr Himanshu Sharma B.Tech - CE - A EEE
9 2015008097 150107103 Mr Tshering Nidup B.Tech - CE - A EEE
10 2015016083 150107071 Mr Nishant Kumar Singh B.Tech - CE - B EEE
11 2015013065 150107072 Mr Nishat Zafar B.Tech - CE - B EEE
12 2015013284 150107053 Mr Md. Saddam Hussain B.Tech - CE - B ME
13 2015015084 150107091 Mr Salman Haider B.Tech - CE - B ME
14 2015009407 150107067 Mr Munaquib Khan B.Tech - CE - B ME
15 2015009252 150107043 Mr Kapil Patel B.Tech - CE - B ME

2nd year students debarred in Even Term 2015-16
S.No System ID Roll No. Student Name Course Supervisor
1 2013004227 130107190 Tinoto Awomi B.Tech-CE Sarmistha
2 2014007606 140107036 Brishna Basumatary B.Tech-CE Wasim

3rd year students debarred in Odd Term 2015-16
S.No System ID Roll No Student Name Programme  Supervisor
2 2013003050 130107090 Kamran Qureshi  B.Tech Gaurav Saini
4 2012000067 120107168 Nima Chogyal  B.Tech Prashant Mukherjee

4th year students debarred in Odd Term 2015-16
S.no System Id Roll no Name  Branch Supervisor
1 2011000456 110107026 Akshay,Sharma Civil Nishant
2 2012013459 120107112 Kartikay,Sharma Civil Pinaki
3 2012017552 120107121 Koshlendra Kunwar,Singh Civil Chhavi
4 2012014673 120107131 Md Faisal,Zia Civil Prashant
5 2012010638 120107219 Shubham,Saroch Civil Prabhas
6 2012017633 120107145 Mohd,Kashif Civil Neha
7 2012000074 120107225 Sonam,Chophel Civil Janendra
8 2012009836 120107256 Vivek,Ranjan Civil Sunil
9 2012018191 120107240 Syed Aqeel,Ashraf Civil Shikha
10 2012013119 120107200 Sahil,Bharti Civil Prashant Mukherjee
11 2012008417 120107207 Sarthak,Negi Civil Gaurav Saini
12 2012007869 120107046 Anshul,Chaudhary Civil Nishant

4th year students debarred in Even Term 2015-16
S.No System ID Roll No Name Programme Supervisor
3 2012015128 120107141 Mohammad Ubaid,Jan B Tech Civil Prashant
4 2012010638 120107219 Shubham,Saroch B Tech Civil Sunil

Sunday, May 15, 2016

late comers for project viva (16.5.16)

Students were told to report by 11 am to their internal for the project viva.
If students don`t turn up by 12.30pm   they will be not allowed to give the presentation.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Project Viva - Room Change

14 May Group 1 - new room - CAD Lab. in Block IV
15 May Group 2 - new room - CAD Lab. in Block IV

Thursday, May 12, 2016

updated project groups

here is the link for the updated project groups

the schedule remains the same.

unplaced students to reach DCA, Block-7, PGDM tomorrow at 9 am

Dear Student
It is to inform all our unplaced students to reach DCA, Block-7, PGDM  tomorrow at 9 am , no specific eligibility, students who has back logs and less percentages can also  appear for the process. This will be great opportunity to get maximum offers. Students have to bring their resumes and credentials and appear directly tomorrow.
Dr.Prashant Mukherjee
Responsibilities :-      
·       Provide hardware / software / network problem diagnosis / resolution via telephone/email/chat for customer’s end users
·       Route problems to internal 2nd and 3rd level IT support staff.    
·      Coordinate and manage relationships with vendors and support staff that provide hardware / software / network problem resolution.
·      Administer and provide User account provisioning.    
·      Use the Incident Management System to document and manage problems and work requests and their respective resolutions and circumvention's.
.      Responds to telephone calls, email, instant messages, and assigned tickets from users; Assign work orders / incidents to appropriate  
               support teams and follow up until closure.    
.      Respond to, and diagnose, problems through discussions with users, including problem recognition, logs, research, isolation, resolution, 
               and follow-up steps; Provide level 1 remote desktop support and perform other activities based on SOPs
.      Perform user account management activities      
       Escalate complex problem to appropriate support specialists    
       Responsible for activities relating to the evaluation, analysis, and setup of PC-based software products (e.g., word processors, spreadsheets,
              presentation graphics, database management systems, electronic mail, and communications)  
.     Troubleshoot client software and basic network connectivity problems    
.     Identify, evaluate and prioritize customer problems and complaints    
.     May train users and operators on a limited basis and/or may write training procedures  
.     Participate in on-going training and departmental development    
.     Routine maintenance updates with other IT staff and business units    
.     Provide all required documentation including standards, configurations and diagrams  
.     Provide knowledge transfer of EUC operations    
Technical Requirements      
·         Phone support experience necessary.      
·         Technical helpdesk or technical call center experience is necessary.    
·         Disciplined, systematic problem solving skills required.    
·         Hands-on work experience with the following:     
·         Windows Operating systems      
·         Clients: Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000     
·         Servers: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008,     
·         Knowledge of Active Directory, Exchange 2003/2007    
·         ITSM ticketing tools such as Remedy, HP Service Center, Peregrine Service Center    
·         User account creation for Active Directory, Exchange Mailboxes, Distribution lists  
·         Remote desktop connectivity applications like SMS, Bomgar, WebEx, Live Meeting, and Windows Native tools 
·         MS Office Suite (XP, 2003, 2007): MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Outlook, MS Project, and MS Visio
·         Internet browsers (e.g. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox),     
·         VPN and remote dial-in users      
·         Support for laptop, desktops, and printers      
·         PDA and blackberry support      
·         Others: Adobe Acrobat and other common desktop applications like Winzip, etc  
Soft Skills      
-       Excellent communication and conversation skills (Verbal and Written)
-       Good documentation skills
-       Good working knowledge of MS OFFICE (Including MS Project and Visio)
-       Should have a great customer handling skills
-       Able to handle unforeseen situations
-       High level of acceptance
-       Can drive HCL’s value and its methodology
Other Skills / Experience      
·         Ability to successfully provide hardware/software/network problem analysis and resolution support over the phone.
·         Personal dedication to providing high quality, superior service at all times.  Ability to finish what is started is a must.
·         Ability to integrate as a cross-functional, team player in a fast-paced environment where all information is shared.
·         Ability to learn new information quickly and the willingness to do so at all times.  
·         Ability to work flexible hours from time to time to cover for other help desk staff and to be on call via pager during the week.
·         Customer Focus      
·         Teamwork      
·         Technical Expertise      
·         Interpersonal Effectiveness      
·         Concern for Order and Quality      
Years of Experience      
Freshers with proper training from Collabera can apply


Certification requirements      
-       Preferred MCP/MSCE/MSCA or HDI CSS
-       ITIL knowledge of V2 or V3 especially on Service Desk, Incident, Problem, and Change Management preferred