Sunday, January 31, 2016

The day schedule of national conference and industrial training for three hour by Jk luxmi Cement

The day schedule of national conference and industrial training for three hour by Jk luxmi  Cement  is here

The Industrial visit and Training during the National conference on cementitous materials . First of all  students will present in Inaugural function that is 10 A.M to 12 P.M  . Than we have a Key note lectures on general cement manufacturing and its applications, Second special lecture on Concrete manufacturing and its applications . After hat Lunch from 1.30 P.M to 2.30 P.M.
The Plant visit will start from 2.30 p.m to 5.30 P.M

1.       Cement plant visit
2.       Cement Quality Lab
3.       R & D centre
4.       AAC block Plant

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vacancy in A.T Technolegal Combine Private Limited (CORE Company)

Profile Type:
Total Vacancy:
See Details
Joining Location:
Sharda University
Event Date:
08 Feb, 2016 09:00 AM
Last Date to Apply:
03 Feb, 2016 04:00 PM
Pre-Placement Talk:
08 Feb, 2016 09:00 AM

Company Profile
For over 30yrs Mr. A.K Goyal, the Managing Director of the Company has been delivering Engineering Consultancy Services as M/S Technolegal Combine and M/S A.K.G & Associates. On January 2008 Ar. Tapan Goyal joined hands with Mr. A.K Goyal and formed a partnership firm as M/S ATC Design Group, delivering architecture consultancy to various esteemed organizations. —On 1st July 2011, under the leadership of Mr. A.K Goyal & Ar. Tapan Goyal, M/S ATC Design Group and M/S Technolegal Combine were merged into a Private Limited. Venture naming M/S AT Technolegal Combine Pvt. Ltd.
A.T Technolegal Combine Private Limited is a combination of Qualified Professionals in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Legal, unified under one roof, assuring seamless Consultancy service covering the entire gamut of Construction Industry. We are familiar with the best materials and construction techniques in the world and have set up excellent working relationships with leading business houses and Consultants related to the industry. Our Project Management Services cover the entire project, ranging from project management, project design, design-control, competitive procurement of contractors work performance, evaluation, quality assurance and warranty inspections. The Company is also working closely with Asian Development Bank’s Consultant Management System and is also the member of IGBC.
For more details-

Job Details
Salary - Rs.14,500 per month in hand + Lunch & Dinner + SIM Card + PF
Increment every six months.
Selection Process-
Language + Technical Test
Interview of all candidates
The shortlisting will be based on the combine score of Language + Technical + Interview
The shortlisted candidates will be deployed on a 21 days on-site project. No stipend will be paid during this duration. The students who would be interested in job after 21 days will be issued joining letters.

Selection Criteria
Batch: 2016
Degree: B. Tech. 
Branch: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering,  
Backlog: No backlog

Meeting with Alumni & Discussion of Career as Technical Evaluator, Jan 29, 2 pm

There is a "Meet & Info" session with one of our alumni, Mr. Alok (09-13 batch), Area Manager, DHFL on Jan 29 at 2 pm in Auditorium 005, Block-3.

Alok has a rich experience of working in various financial institutions including ICICI Bank, Indiabulls, Apaar Financing & DHFL, in progressively responsible positions. Alok will provide information on role of civil engineers in Financing & Banking Sector and will be available for answering your queries.

The session is open to 3rd and 4th year civil engg. students.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A National conference held on 6-7 February by JK lakshmi Cement

Interested student inform to Ms Chhavi Gupta by 28-01-2016.
There are some changes in the details given below like last date is 28-01-16 and registration fee Rs 600-700 .
The Details of conference

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

unregistered students

2015016795 Mr Avishek Kurmi 150107017
2015015861 Mr Deepak Sharma 150107022
2015012693 Mr Mohammad Akbar 150107057
2015013681 Momin Masood Laharwal 150107062
2015016010 Naira Neelam 150107068
2015008775 Mr Omkar Singh 150107075
2015014723 Mr Prabal Pratap Singh 150107078
2015017522 Mr Ajay Mandal 150107112
2015013143 Mr Meraj Ahmad 150136013
2015016625 Mr Shahzada Zakria Owas 150136022
2014002013 Kutiyote,Paulbaba Bafaa 140107060
2014002253 Omoniyi Ayokanmi,Charles 140107084
2014016394 Sunil,Kumar 140107133
2014015525 Thomas Gosbert,Rubibira 140107140
2014003888 Zubaid,Hamid 140107155
2015017595 Miss Syed Atrooba Qureshi  
2014000388 Hamid,Amiry 140136021
2014016234 Rukuozenuo,Mere 140136032
2013016817 Sudesh,Bhandary 130107178
2013015837 Biniga,Jacques 130107802
2012006598 Harshit Singh,Shishodia 120107093
2012013818 MURAD,MOHAMMAD 120107156
2012007374 Syed Ali,Murtaza 120107239

Monday, January 25, 2016


We are glad to inform that an interactive session with all final year students regarding   "career options  after B.Tech"  is scheduled at 11:30 am on Jan., 27,2016(WEDNESDAY)  at Auditorium -014. All final year students are welcome to attend and get benefited out of it.


Dear Students,

Please submit your assignments by 1st Feb 2016.

Sunil Saharan

Wednesday, January 20, 2016



1.           Make groups of maximum 3-4 students. (In most of the cases, the groups are already there and the topics are already decided). If there is a change in the topic/ group, do intimate the previous and the present supervisor.

2.           Decide on few prospective topics and discuss them with any Civil Engg. faculty member whose expertise matches the projects. (Already done, if not finalise the topic by 29th Jan)

3.           If the topic in NEW - After discussion with prospective faculty guides decide on a project topic and submit a brief abstract to your guide. On approval of the topic and abstract, submit the signed abstract to HoD office. This should be done by Feb 5.

4.           If the topic is OLD - Submit the work plan (methodology, in detail) for the remaining work with the deadlines mentioned, by Feb 12th

5.           For new topics - In consultation with your guide, prepare the methodology for the project and submit it to your guide, by Feb 12th

6.           Individual project diary (with dates) is to be maintained by each student in a group for weekly evaluation by their project guides (out of 10 marks), starting from 25th Jan.

7.           The guide shall award marks in the diary every week and shall keep the record with him/her as well

8.           A group dairy should also be maintained showing the weekly progress of the project with dates.

9.           Any student not reporting to his/her guide for the particular week will get zero marks for that week.

10.      A mid evaluation of the project shall be done between 14-19th March (tentative)

11.      Rough draft of the Thesis is to be submitted first to their respective guides by 30th March.

12.      Internal evaluation of the project shall be done between 7-13th April (tentative). Contact your supervisor for the exact date

13.      Final Thesis shall be submitted, latest by 22nd April, only after the correction of the rough draft.

14.      Final Project shall be evaluated by the external alongwith the internal experts, based on the quality and quantity of the work done.

15.      Students shall be judged based on their oral presentation and Viva-Voce session and also on the quantity of work understood by the student himself regarding his/her project.

16.      The details of the evaluation criteria is as,

a)    CA (60%) - 50% by supervisor based on the diary; 50% by internal examiners on the basis of report and quality of work

b)    External (40%) - 50% on the basis of quality of work; 50% on the basis of presentation and understanding of the matter

Any project abstract/ methodology submission beyond the deadline of 12th Feb, shall attract a minimum of 20% penalty.

NOTE: The date of internal evaluation may change. The exact date shall be announced on the blog in due course of time.