Monday, April 29, 2013

Dean's message regarding 4th and 5th May

The COE has already announced the Examination Schedule for I, II, III & IVth year End Term Examinations. 

The End Term Examinations will be conducted as per the schedule announced earlier by COE.

The HOD's and Faculty are requested to advise the students to start early from their place of residence in view of ADB's meeting at India Expo Centre on 4 and 5th of May 2013. 

The students must reach the examination hall well in time otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Departmental Electives for the next term

In the next term you have one departmental elective. The offerings for the course are given below. You may contact your mentor for obtaining the form and indicating your preference. The last date for submitting the form is 11th April, 2013 by 04:00pm.

Departmental Electives – 1 course

DE 1:
1.      Soil Mechanics
In-depth knowledge of soil will be imparted in this course. Soil classification and key characteristics such as permeability and bearing capacity and key concepts such as compaction and stabilization will be discussed in detail to enable soil investigation studies.

2.      Geotechnical Engineering
Concepts of soil and rock mechanics will be discussed in detail to enable comprehensive site investigations and foundation designs.

3.      Engineering Geology
Geological concepts such as, rocks, tectonics, soils and groundwater flow as applicable to civil engineering design will be discussed in detail.

  • ·         Indicate your preferences by writing 1 for the first preference, 2 for the second and 3 for the third against the courses in the above table
  • ·         Please fill in all preferences.  If you do not fill all preferences, your department will fill in arbitrarily.
  • ·         Since there are limited number of seats in each of the courses, the allotment of the courses will be carried out by drawing of lots, and then strictly according to your preference order.
  • ·         If at the time your name is drawn the seats in your choice of first preference are already  filled, your next preference shall be allotted.
  • ·         If the registration for a course is not sufficient, the course may be dropped, and your next preference allotted to you.
  • ·         All allotments of courses will be final.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bonafide certificate

OSD office is issuing  Bonafide Certificates to International Students. The most important requirements to issue Bonafide Certificate are as below:

1. The International Division has to verify and send recommendation.
2. The attendance of the student has to be verifies by HOD or 1st year Coordinator by putting up his/her signatures along with stamp.
3. In case student is staying in Hostel, the office can locate him/her on SIM. In case student is staying outside, the Rent Agreement is required.

Required Documents: Photograph, Photocopy of Visa and Passport