Monday, December 24, 2012

Showing ETE answer scripts

Schedule for showing the ETE answer scripts to the students
Dec 26th, 2012: (3rd yr and 4th yr)
10am - 11am: GeoInformatic Engineering and Fluid Mechanics
11am - 12noon: Concrete and Transportation
12noon - 13pm: Foundation and Adv RCC
14pm - 15pm: Fluvial and Quantity Surveying
15pm - 16pm: Env Engg-II and Trnspt-II

Dec 27th, 2012: (2nd yr and 1st yr)10am - 11am: Basics of Survey
11am - 12noon: MODS
12noon - 13pm: Hydrology
14pm – 16pm: GeoScience

Venue: 308, SET-1

The above timings and dates shall strictly be followed. Do not complain or insist if you have missed the above deadlines.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012