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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tutorial Sheet 2 SA for 3D

Tutorial 2

Dear all see the above link for problems on three moment theorem.

Syed Emad uddin Ahmed

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Unregistered students

Below is the list of unregistered students. They are adviced to contact me ASAP so that their registration process can be initiated, if they are eligible for registration.
If they are not registered, they shall not be allowed to attend the classes from next week onwards.

unregistered in 2nd year
152013010251130107119Mohd. TabishCIVILINDNot Registered 
162013014963130107203Waqi-Ul-IslamCIVILINDNot Registered 
122013011410130107015Adarsh JhaCIVIL4.585Unregistered
132013011878130107041Arslan Khan AfridiCIVIL4.902Unregistered
142013006941130107009Abhishek KumarCIVIL5.268Unregistered
unregistered in 3rd year
42012015128120107141Mohammad Ubaid JanCivilcgpa 5.5
52012013837120107147Mohd. AshfaqCivilcgpa 5.5
62012000077120107247Tshibangu FrancisCivilcgpa 5.5
62011000719110107069GAURAV PANDEYCivilcgpa not found
72011000850110107089Kezang Thinley RinchenCivilcgpa not found
82011001577110106029Utkarsh MehtaCivilcgpa not found
72013011665130107809Mr Rahul KumarCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
82013011442130107808Mr Raghav MananCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
92013011666130107801Mr Abhay SinghCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
102013015837130107802Mr Biniga JacquesCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
112012017278120107252Vaibhav SinghCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
122013016077130107813Mr Srikant TripathiCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
132012017618120107237suyash sharmaCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
142012008433120107230Sujan shresthaCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
152012009836120107256Vivek RanjanCIVILAPPLIED FOR SUMMER TERM NOT REG
3rd year withdrawl
52011000839110107086Karma WangdiCivilcgpa not found20/05/2014
4th year unregistered
2201100106010SETCIVL014110107122Nikhil chauhanRakesh kumarB.Tech(Civil)Unregistered
3201200129210SETCIVL072120107816TASHI PENJORTSHERING TOBGAYB.Tech(Civil)Unregistered
4201100143711SETCIVL121110107222Shamiuz ZamanShamshuz Zaman ShamshB.Tech(Civil)Unregistered
5201100149811SETCIVL017110107193Siddharth SahalRambhagat SahalB.Tech(Civil)Unregistered
6201000060110SETCIVL353100107049Bharat Singh NagarJagdev Singh NagarB.Tech(Civil)Unregistered
7201100214811SETCIVL392110107119Nashtar BawarNoor Agha BawarB.Tech(Civil)Unregistered
8201000094010SETCIVL430100107099Kumar ShashwatRam gopal PandeyB.Tech(Civil)Unregistered
2nd year mtech unregistered

272013001303130135006Md Akhlaqur RahmanM.Tech - Civil Env.INDNot Registered 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Article on GIS

An article on GIS which tells you briefly about its usage and potential in India.
Published in TOI, dt 19th Sept, pp24


While the US giant hopes to expand its operations in both public and private sectors, it believes that GIS technology and applications can help at every stage of development -planning, designing, decision making, network analysis and monitoring to create better infrastructure, modern residential colonies, 24*7 power and water distribution, organised law enforcement, eco-friendly industrial development, intelligent traffic management, effective water conservation and disaster management and quality health facilities.

This would also help you in choosing the topic of presentation.

Term Paper Details

You are adviced to fill the below form for the details of your term paper,

Term paper details

Thursday, September 18, 2014

GI Presentation groups

The groups for the GI presentation is as below, which was decided in the class. Those who do not find their names in the below list may contact me for their names to be included in the already existing group.


* grp#1: 2, 245, 166, 128, 230

grp#2: 10, 21, 244, 5

* grp#3: 155, 243, 12, 240, 7

grp#4: 19, 242, 6, 162

grp#5: 241, 20, 130, 11, 156

grp#6: 152, 129, 239, 8

* grp#7: 9, 238, 151, 14

grp#8: 154, 231, 18, 163

* grp#9: 232, 15, 158, 234

Date of presentation: No later than
* 3rd saturday of nov
others: 1st saturday of nov


grp#1: 178, 215, 44, 171, 218

* grp#2: 94, 217, 175, 104, 37

grp#3: 227, 38, 177, 41, 179

* grp#4: 174, 31, 91, 228, 170

grp#5: 33, 107, 222, 220, 92

grp#6: 32, 224, 183, 45, 101

* grp#7: 43, 95, 229, 184

* grp#8: 176, 173, 27, 105

grp#9: 97, 181, 35

* grp#10: 34, 99, 106, 42

Date of presentation: No later than
* 3rd saturday of nov
others: 1st saturday of nov


* grp#1: 211, 60, 84, 198, 200

grp#2: 217, 197, 51, 137, 59

* grp#3: 205, 46, 213, 236, 140

grp#4: 199, 52, 61, 208, 147

* grp#5: 136, 210, 79, 143, 48

grp#6: 142, 68, 131, 145

* grp#7: 148, 88, 73, 66

grp#8: 144, 53, 78, 49, 86

* grp#9: 146, 80, 209, 138

grp#10: 802, 47, 132, 55, 70

Date of presentation: No later than
* 1st saturday of nov
others: 3rd saturday of nov

3D Student Design Challenge

3D Student Design Challenge is an excellent opportunity for students to unleash creative skills on the digital platform, get judged by eminent industry experts and win fabulous prizes.

The competition categories are:

1.  AutoCAD Design (Building) - 2D and 3D AutoCAD Software
2.  BIM Design - Revit Architecture Software
3.  AutoCAD Design (Mechanical) - 2D and 3D AutoCAD Software
4.  Mechanical Design - Inventor Professional Software

Students can form Teams (2 or 3 members required per team), Register on till 30th September 2014and Submit design projects for inspection till 2nd November 2014 by jury of industry experts.
Student's are eligible to participate in "Multiple categories" if they have knowledge of relevant Autodesk Software by changing the "Team Name" and "Category" for next registration. Student's need to select "Telemarketing" at the end. Student from any stream can participate if they have the knowledge of relevant Autodesk Software. Kindly check the attached file.
Free Tips and Training workshops are being organised in various Indian cities, details of which are available on the website. 
Student participating in Mechanical Design Category will also get a chance to participate at World Skills International – India at an International Level after qualifying for Regional and National Level in 3D Student Design Challenge 2014Student are required to use Autodesk Inventor Professional software to qualify for WSI - India.

To know more,please visit and
You may write to us on or call us on 0124-4699580. 
3D Design Facebook Link:

Students of 3-D G1 who wants to do term paper under my guidance, here are some topics being floated for you all,in the attached link. by APARNA KANTH.... select one & submit an abstract iin concerned with that,topic shouldnt be repeated amongst students else I wl have to omit one on the basis of abstract i like,already there are students iin excess.Good luck.

Mass Bunk of theory, tutorial or lab

In view of several "MASS BUNKS" being reported from almost all the years, we have decided that from now onwards 


This is for your information. Do not crib or complain or come to me when your marks are deducted from the CA marks.

Those who are not aware,

For batches 2012 onwards,

Maximum marks of CA for theory is 30
Maximum marks of CA for lab is 60

For 2011 batch,

Maximum marks of CA for theory is 20
Maximum marks of CA for lab is 25

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Please download SP-16. Keep soft copy of this. I  may ask you to get print-out of some pages as  it will be required while design of RCC structures.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

TT wef 15th Sept

Time table for all the sections have been modified. You can access the new tt from the below link. This shall be effective from 15th Sept, 2014

TT wef 15th Sept

Friday, September 12, 2014

Term Paper: Additional Guidelines

In addition to the guidelines on "Term Paper" posted a couple of days ago, you will have to follow the below as well, in terms of selection of supervisor and topic,

  • Any faculty teaching in your section shall become your supervisor
  • One faculty in a section is to guide a maximum of 10-12 students only, not more
  • The topic can be from any course (out of the six) which is currently being taught to you

Registration of Students with CGPA between 5.0 and 5.5

With change in the CGPA criteria for promotion, from 5.5 to 5.0, the following students have become eligible for registration in 3rd yr. These students are adviced to get themselves registered by 16th Sept, 2014 without fine.

S.No Roll No systemID CGPA Name
1 120107128 2012017418 5.033 Manish Bisht
2 120107108 2012013683 5.052 Junaid Rasool Wani
3 120107261 2012012689 5.104 Zeeshan Sibgatullah
4 120107137 2012000198 5.109 Mohammad Agha
5 120107037 2012005656 5.13 Amit Kumar
6 120107121 2012017552 5.141 Koshlendra Kunwar Singh
7 120107079 2012013823 5.152 ENATURAHMAN SALEEM
8 120107179 2012011696 5.152 Prashant Upadhyay
9 120107152 2012010005 5.185 Mohit .
10 120107071 2012010969 5.217 DAWA ZAM
11 120107225 2012000074 5.228 Sonam Chophel
12 120107221 2012004140 5.261 Shubham Verma
13 120107251 2012015862 5.272 Umer Akram Teeli
14 120107063 2012003502 5.304 Bhajendra shah
15 130107810 2013015442 5.333 Mr Rahul Kumar Singh
16 120107188 2012011296 5.359 Ranu Kumar Tiwari
17 120107044 2012012114 5.402 Ankush Kumar

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FE Notes on Unit II


3rd and 5th term students, Civil Engineering

The third and fifth term students have a course called as "term paper". I am elaborating the procedure for the submission of term paper,
  1. Select a broad subject area of your interest from the courses that are available to you in the current term
  2. Select of Supervisor from the faculty teaching in your section
  3. Submit the topic and the supervisor name to the section co-ordinator. If this is not done within the specified time, on or before the last date, a penalty of -10 marks shall be imposed. 
  4. You shall be given three weeks time to source material on the selected topic, understand the topic and submit a synopsis. If the synopsis is not submitted, you loose another 10 marks.
  5. Get the same approved by your supervisor and get his signature on the synopsis. Keep a copy with you and submit another copy to the supervisor
  6. You will get another two weeks to submit the rough draft of the report. If you fail to submit the draft report, you loose another 20 marks
  7. The report shall be evaluated by your supervisor and shall be returned back with the comments, within next two weeks (maximum.
  8. You are supposed to submit the final draft of the report within a week's time of getting back the evaluated report. If this is not submitted, you loose 20 more marks.
  9. Prepare a presentation on your topic and present the same to the panel of examiners (supervisor and another faculty member. The date shall be informed to you by the supervisor. If the presentation is not done on the date specified date, you stand to loose another 10 marks.
  10. Note: One faculty teaching in your section shall be taking a maximum of 10-12 students under him, not more.

Format of a Term Paper Report:

Basic Requirements for the Report:

·         Number of Pages: In general between 5-10.
·         At least 1 self made (using excel or any other software) graph and 1 additional graph.
·         Referencing must be correctly done (you may want to check:
·         You are asked to read at least one research paper very critically.

Format of the report:

1. Title
2. Introduction (General statements of the topics, focused statements of the problem and the objective of the report)
3. Methods that are adopted (here you may include how you intend to meet your objective)
4. Results and Discussion (here you may include graphs, your findings and discussions of them)
5. Conclusions and Recommendation (here you briefly summarize your findings and based on that you make recommendations)
6. References (the way you find it in any one of the paper you have critically read.)


Topic finalization and initial works (-10): 20th September, 2014
Draft Report Preparation and Progress (-10): 10th October, 2014
Draft Report Submission (-20): 15th Nov, 2014
Final Report Submission (-20): 23rd Nov, 2014
Presentation (-10): 30th Nov, 2014

The above deadlines are the last dates. They can be submitted before the above dates. The value in the bracket indicates that you would loose that many marks, if you do not meet the deadline. These dates are flexible and the supervisor can advance or delay them, as long as the final presentation is completed by 30th Nov, 2014. Contact your supervisor for exact dates.