Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AutoCAD classes

AutoCAD classes
AutoCAD classes shall be conducted from this week onwards in the CD Lab 203, E-3. Those who have registered themselves for the courses, please reconfirm their names with me within the next two days.
Based upon the final interested students, a maximum of two batches shall be run on every Saturday and Sunday (09:00am – 13:00pm and 13:30pm – 17:30pm)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

International students fees due

Following international students have their fees due. contact the international division immediately and get it clarified else you will not be allowed to attend the classes from tomorrow onwards.

SnoAdm NoNameFee Dues
109SETCIVL244Dawa                 117,300
209SETCIVL249Tshewang Dorji                 132,000
410SETCIVL379Dawa Tenzing Sherpa                   10,000
1110SETCIVL271Abdul Wahid Aslami                   24,400
1210SETCIVL012Guy Oliver Elisa Sambi                   42,600
1310SETCIVL272Krishna Rimal                   45,850
1510SETCIVL408Kayanja Lawrence                   50,710
4511SETCIVL399Pramod Chaudhary                   10,200
4611SETCIVL323Nabin Devkota                   10,825
4711SETCIVL319Rishikesh Shah                   14,000
4811SETCIVL326Shribatsa Shah                   14,195
4911SETCIVL318Krishna gautam                   15,640
5011SETCIVL306Kezang Phuntsho                   17,000
5111SETCIVL316Ngawang Galey                   17,200
5411SETCIVL371Satyam Verma                   36,340
6011SETCIVL374ABDUL AHAD                   63,450
6111SETCIVL392Nashtar Bawar                   63,450
6411setcivl350Kezang Thinley Rinchen                   70,200
7410setracivl275Hedayat Ullah Ahmadzai                 137,400
7711SETCIVL311Soyam Sankar Pradhan                 147,200
7811SETCIVL397Abdullah Amir                 147,200
7911SETCIVL420Abhishek Singh Mouny                 147,200
8011SETCIVL320Sudish Patel                 151,200
8310setracivl274Farooq Jan                 184,250
8710setracivl387Mohammad Ajmal Nikjow                 185,900
9011SETCIVL373FAISAL                 200,950
9111SETCIVL414Mukaram                 200,950
9711SETCIVL398Krishna Prasad Kasaudhan                 239,200
9811SETCIVL428MOHAMMAD EDRISS ANEEL                 249,450
10011SETCIVL455Abdourahim Jallow                 360,450
10611SETCIVL456Halimatou Bah                 368,450
10711setcivl458KADDIJATOU FOFANA                 368,450

group and topic of all branch

group and topic of all branch

bio-technology group

eee group

mec-a group

Mec-b group

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MTE Schedule

The mid term schedule can be downloaded from this link. The file also contains the new MTE format of question paper.

Friday, October 5, 2012

AutoCAD and STADD-Pro training

The AutoCAD training has been postponed to 3rd Nov due to the examinations and holidays in the month of October. The schedule of the training can be accessed from here. Since the training has been postponed, the registration is still open. you can still give me the names for the training.

The current list of students whose names i have received can be accessed from here.

Once I have the final names, I shall divide them in groups. Group A shall be in the first half (09:00am-13:00pm) and (13:00pm-17:00pm)